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Delicious Dragon Star Specials

Try one of the mouthwatering Dragon Star specials on the menu at Dragon Star Chinese Restaurant. Visit our local, family-owned and operated restaurant for an authentic Chinese meal, today!

To save on your meal, buy one large dish and get a second large order of the same dish at a half price! If you or anyone in your party has a food allergy, let us know before ordering.

Order a Dragon Star Special for Takeout and Delivery by Calling Us Today.


Dragon Star's Specials

(Buy a Second Large Size Order of the Same Dish at Half Price)

D1. Dry Sauteed Squid


Fresh sliced squid dry sauteed with pea pods,

carrots, straw mushrooms, bamboo shoots, baby corn and water chestnuts

Order something special and try our squid with scallion and ginger.

Taste the flavors of the Far East when you order our crispy aromatic shrimp for lunch or dinner.

Dine out with friends and family. Try our amazing triple delight special.

D2. Squid With Scallion and Ginger


Fresh sliced squid stir-fried with shredded ginger, scallion, and onions in chef's multi-sauce

D3. Pepper Salt Squid


Sliced squid lightly coated with water chestnut flour, then toss fried with pepper salt on the lettuce

D4. • Curry Flavor Squid


30. • General Gau's Chicken


Tender cubes of chicken coated with water chestnut flour then toss fried with a spicy sweet and sour ginger sauce

31. Lemon Chicken


32. • Orange Flavor Chicken


33. Sesame Chicken


34. • King Cheing Chicken


Slice white chicken meat lightly coated with flour, toss fried and sauteed with chef's spicy sauce.

35. • Orange Flavored Beef


36. Sesame Beef


37. Sesame Crispy Jumbo Shrimp


38. • Crispy Aromatic Shrimp


Sauteed crispy baby shrimp with green peppers,

broccoli, water chestnuts and pea pods in chef's

special hot aromatic sauce

39. • House Two Flavored Delights


Diced chicken with straw mushrooms sauteed in

brown sauce on one side, the other with stir-fried crispy

shrimp with scallions

40. • Szechuan Three Delights


Jumbo shrimp, scallops and chicken sauteed with

green peppers, water chestnuts and pea pods in

Szechuan spicy sauce

41. • Szechuan Two Delights


Baby shrimp and diced chicken stir-fried with green

peppers, and celery in hoisin sauce

42. Canton Style Duck


Sliced duck meat sauteed with seasonal green


43. • Mandarin Style Duck


Sliced duck meat sauteed with pea pods, water chestnuts

and bamboo shoot in Mandarin chili brown sauce

44. Crispy Roasted Duck


45. Triple Delight


Jumbo shrimp, chicken and beef sauteed with

fresh vegetable in brown sauce

46. Happy Family


Jumbo shrimp, chicken, scallops, beef and roasted pork

sauteed with vegetables

• Hot and Spicy

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*Minimum Purchase for Credit cards in now $15.00*